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The definitive examination of "Music From The Elder," KISS' cult-classic concept album

By Tim McPhate & Julian Gill

Odyssey: Table of Contents


The Album:

- "The Elder" Album Overview
- The "KISS Album Focus" Refocused!
- "The Elder" Track-By-Track
- "The Elder" Timeline

The Oath Interview Series:

- Marty Cohen (early bandmate of Gene Simmons)
- Dennis Woloch (art director)
- Bill Finneran ("The Elder" door maker)
- David M. Spindel (photographer)
- Waring Abbott (photographer)
- Rob Freeman (engineer)
- John Storyk (Ace In The Hole Studio designer)
- Michael McCarty (uncredited engineer)
- Kevin Doyle (engineer)
- Corky Stasiak (engineer)
- Brian Christian (co-producer)
- Charles McCracken (ASO member)
- Bruce Gowers (video director)
- Paul Flattery (video director)
- Jerry Watson (director of video photography)
- Ida Langsam (publicist)
- Melanie Chartoff ("Fridays" cast member)
- Ty Tabor (King's X guitarist)
- Chuck Klosterman (bestselling author)
- Bas Hartong (Phonogram Int. executive)
- Jerry Jaffe (PolyGram executive)
- Chip Taylor (PolyGram head of A&R)
- Christopher K. Lendt (Glickman/Marks executive)
- Mark Ravitz (stage designer)
- Kate Parker/Jennifer Parr (daughters of Antony Parr, spoken word contributor)
- Chris Makepeace (spoken word contributor)
- Tim Trombley (production coordinator)
- John Picard (The Kings guitarist)
- Tony Powers (songwriter)
- Bob Ezrin (producer)

Special Features:

- "The Elder" In The Press
- The Bloodline Of The Concept Album
- They Said What? "The Elder" Quote Book
- The Year In Rock: 1981
- A Brief Musical Timeline: 1981
- Bruce Kulick Remembers An Unplugged Home Run
- "The Elder" Under The Covers
- Collecting "The Elder"
- Why "Music From The Elder" Was DOA
- The Elder's Heroic Journey
- Who's Who: "The Elder"


- "Music From The Elder:" Track Sequences
- Seb Hunter: Movie From "The Elder"
- Brian Brewer: Inside "The Elder" Script
- "The Elder" Script: Characters, Significant Objects And Realms
- "Music From The Elder": The Studios
- Acknowledgements

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