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Odyssey: The Book

To answer some of the most frequent questions being asked, here's the current status for "Odyssey..."

Publication date: Sept. 16, 2016

Page count: 536

Formats (7x10" size):
ISBN paperback: 978-0-9822537-8-6
ISBN case bound hardcover: 978-0-9822537-9-3
2lb 3oz (970g) for the international (AUZ, CAN) paperback, prob 2lb 10oz (1175g) for the hardcover, and 2lb 7oz (1105g) for the USA/Euro paperback

** the only difference between the USA and AUZ/CAN version is the weight of the paper stock.

Digital format for Kindle and iTunes

With the increase in international shipping charges, we're working hard to ensure wider distribution of the book by providing for domestically produced versions for all major markets (U.S./Euro/Australia/Canada).

Everything is subject to change and E&OE!

We thank you for your continued interest and support!

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